How to change a loop's tempo on

1 min. readlast update: 07.13.2022

With you can adjust the loop's tempo to match the tempo of your project. 

For example, imagine you have imported a one-bar drum loop that doesn’t match your project tempo. The drum loop adapts to your project tempo, becoming shorter or longer than one bar. With you can set in an easy way drum loop tempo to match the tempo of your project!

How to match the loop tempo to the project tempo:

  1. Find the perfect loop,
  2. Click on the menu to the right of the loop,
  3. Click the "Change tempo" button,
  4. Type a new tempo of this loop in BPM (min. 50 BPM - max 250 BPM)
  5. Click the pink "Change tempo" button,
  6. Wait for the audio to be processed,
  7. Download loop.

Video tutorial on how to change your tempo from 120 BPM to 100 BPM:

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