How to use Include and exclude filters?

1 min. readlast update: 11.03.2021

Use Include and Exclude Filters to eliminate unwanted hits.

Having reviewed the search results, you can proceed with your searching by excluding or including sounds. Excluding a filter value is helpful if you want to skip it in your search results (e.g., drums, piano, stem). On the other hand, including a filter value ensures that only the entries containing it will be shown (e.g., guitar, percussion, strings). 

To include or exclude sounds: Review your search results and locate an entry with data you want to exclude or include.

  1. Select the type of filter you want to use - Instruments, Moods, Genres,
  2. Click Exclude or Include button,
  3. Specify instrument, genre or mood you want to exclude or include.

Include filter:


Exclude filter:


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